Two magnets for footwear supporters present a new look

LLOYD Shoes Concept Stores at Munich’s Airport

At Munich’s airport LLOYD Shoes has redesigned its two existing concept stores attracting footwear supporters with a new look. In Terminal 2 with a total space of 88 m² (level 05) and 63 m² (level 04) high-quality men’s and women’s shoes and accessories as well as the premium product line „LLOYD 1888“ are shown in an elegant atmosphere. Corresponding the typical LLOYD style, both locations resemble a 3D lifestyle magazine, making shopping at the point of sale an emotional experience. The atmosphere of the stores is characterized by the top quality offer, traditional craftsmanship and selected materials.

Concept, planning and realisation are made by Gruschwitz GmbH from Munich, Germany. The international office for retail design focuses on the topic “Shoe CULTure” and fulfills the client’s wish for a perfect shopping experience inviting him or her to linger. Visitors of the stores get caught by a world of its own in which lifestyle and product become one, cleverly connecting some stylistic elements out of fashion, architecture and culture.
The retail design uses some custom-made pieces of vintage furniture combined with modern interior elements. All used fitting modules are characterized by a notably easy-going and flexible handling. An electrical busbar system on the walls allows not only a very precise illumination of the goods, but also makes a redecoration of the shelves quite simple. Several lifestyle elements, such as newspapers, multimedia devices, a coffee lounge or images support a home-like feeling and further stimulate the sales room with emotions. Natural and soft colours as well as different brown shades highlight the convenient atmosphere of the shops. Used materials are smoked oak, powdered steel framework, wild pear surfaces and copper.

The LLOYD Shoes store concept connects elegance with traditional craftsmanship and thus celebrates its products as part of a very unique lifestyle.


About Gruschwitz

Gruschwitz ist ein führendes internationales Design- und Marketingbüro mit 360° Leistungsspektrum. Ob für Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Services, Shoes oder Sports – unser Team inszeniert marken- und zielgruppengerechte Erlebniswelten mit individuellem Charakter und unverwechselbarem Profil. Zu unseren Kunden gehören unter anderem Weber Grill, SuperDry, Jaguar/Land Rover und Red Bull, sowie sämtliche Marken der Inditex-Gruppe (wie z.B. Zara und Massimo Dutti).