Tegernsee Arkaden: Bavarian enjoyment

Bavarian enjoyment

Rustic is not only Lederhosen. The Tegernsee Arkaden and the Trachtenhaus Karl Jäger present regional products in a cosy atmosphere.

For luxuries it is never too extravagant, so it was the duchess Anna of Bayern who held the opening ceremony of the Tegernsee Arkaden. Before it was a discount supermarket which attracted the people with low budget products and today it is a 300sqm area which offers exquisite regional products like chocolate from the manufacturer Eybel, herbs from Kräuterparadies Herbaria and beer from the Tegernsee brewery.

Bayerische Genusswelt

The gourmet food is connected with the sales are of the traditional Trachtenhaus Karl Jäger which sells on 300sqm and two floors traditional Bavarian dresses. To give the impression of an arch the ceiling and the columns got a brand-new design. In the retail area relaxing zones and so called „Stammtisch-Oasen“ with traditional Bavarian music and food found their place to give the full Bavarian shopping experience.

The Tegernsee-Arkaden are a landmark for the development from a discount supermarket to a solid shopping world for Bavarian tradition without being too trashy.  The retail design office Gruschwitz GmbH based in Munich made the concept for the Bavarian enjoyment at the bank of the Tegernsee. To translated the regional landscape into the shopping area mainly natural materials like stone, oak and larch wood have been used as well as open ceilings and LED-lightening. The interior design and the visual axis gives the visitor always new highlights to experience. To get more parking space, the bus parking has been relocated and a new projecting roof intensifies the arcade-look of the Tegernsee Arkaden.

Text: Steffen Gerth


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