Project Description



Steiff Retail GmbH, Giengen/Brenz (Germany)


The design’s motto was „recapturing the children’s room“ and should create enough space both for the teddy bears and stuffed animals as well as for the baby and kids‘ fashion lines – quite a challenge considering the rather wide product range. To meet future’s demands the shop concept should also be able to be multiplied.


The secret is to use the ceiling height. Teddies and stuffed animals are decorated on a gallery in a very lovely way and invite the shop visitors to discover the different animal toys. The wall design supports the lust to explore and suggests, as a kind of reward, a colourful shower of confetti. This way, the view is guided upwards – heavenwards as there it is where the childrens‘ dreams are living. This gives more space to the sales area itself, making it easier to create an atmosphere of a children’s room.