Project Description

Luxury Bags – Longchamp


Eurotrade Flughafen München Handels-GmbH


The new shop design for luxury bags shall include a shop system that is flexible enough to be transferred to other concepts after a period of one to two years.

– Location: Munich Airport, Terminal 2, Level 05, security zone (restricted area)
– Size: about 130 m² (shop)
– Jobs: concept, planning, realisation


The modern and elegant overall appearance uses glass, bright wood veneers, concrete wall structures as well as black frames. The shop system by Visplay is very versatile and quite exposed in the window, inviting passers-by to come in. Furthermore, it skillfully combines wooden storage compartments, presentation cubes out of Corian, individually made modules and light boxes. Eyecatchers in the store are lovely design details like the ornamental tiling or floral metall decorations. The coppery panel of the cash desk refers to the stylish copper lights by Tom Dixon.