Project Description



LLOYD Shoes GmbH, Sulingen/Germany


At Düsseldorf’s shopping mall „Kö Galerie“ LLOYD Shoes wanted to redesign its existing concept store. Corresponding the typical LLOYD style, the location should resemble a 3D lifestyle magazine, making shopping at the point of sale an emotional experience.


The atmosphere of the store is characterized by the top quality offer, traditional craftsmanship and selected materials. Visitors of the store get caught by a world of its own in which lifestyle and product become one, cleverly connecting some stylistic elements out of fashion, architecture and culture. Used materials are smoked oak, powdered steel framework, wild pear surfaces and copper. Several lifestyle elements, such as newspapers, multimedia devices, a coffee lounge or images support a home-like feeling and further stimulate the sales room with emotions. Customers are spoilt with some coffee, further enhancing the comfortable store ambience.