Project Description

ECE Verwaltungszentrum


ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG, Hamburg/Germany


The new design of the existing entrance area of ECE’s administrative center should not only be functional and clearly laid out, but also should create by the clever use of selected stylistic devices a convenient, almost home-like atmosphere, welcoming visitors and employees in a very warm way.


The convenient atmosphere of the foyer is supported by the use of warm colours and materials. Apart from corian, steel and concrete it is also solid oak wood that can be found throughout the whole entrance area – particularly regarding the furniture, floor and the partly backlit panels at the walls and ceilings. The waiting lounge offers comfortable seatings, such as a petrol coloured couch, inviting visitors to linger. The „service station“ provides with its ceiling in yellow/orange as well as its suspended lighting a notable eye-catcher. Graphic walls and green partitions do not only serve as design elements but also structure the room. Conference rooms are perfectly flexible and can be adapted by mobile partition walls according to the required needs regarding size and lay-out. The wood panelled gallery visually structures the room and further enhances the harmonic overall picture.