#PerfectStore: Digital Emotions at the POS

Emotional perception still is the no. 1 key to the consumer

The EuroShop, the international retail fair in Düsseldorf, made it quite clear being divided in so-called „Experience Dimensions“: Emotional perception still is the no. 1 key to the consumer. Nearly all customers like to linger in nice surroundigs giving them new inspirations. Merely focusing on this secret of retail success, however, is not the whole truth any more. Besides a location’s comfort, lifestyle is getting more and more important. Lifestyle can hardly be captured locally. In fact, it rather stays with us, anywhere and anytime.

That is why, apart from emotional perception, omni(channel) retailing as another decisive success factor needs to be carefully analysed.

Gruschwitz retail design deals with this when asking about the #PerfectStore. The international office for design and realisation with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and another office in Moscow, Russia invites us to join a common search – arising curiosity, finding exciting news and of course having an emotional exchange of ideas. For all those, who are impatient: The search after the #PerfectStore is a means in itself, never ending, and there simply is nothing like one #PerfectStore that fits all needs.

What is a #PerfectStore?

But what is a #PerfectStore? Thanks to Mom-and-Pop stores we know: Perfect is not necessarily stylish. It is more about responsing to the specific needs of the consumer, paying attention to their local environment. This is what „customer journey“ is about. Even more: The secret of success lies within the clients‘ minds and their ideas, thus „story telling“ is essential. Being as clear and simple as possible, you need to create an authentic story. Be careful never to lose the clients‘ point of view. Your shop still won’t be perfect, but it will create interest and attract your target group to come inside and discover your store. Think about the floating markets in Mekong‘s delta or a sausage stand at a stadion during a soccer game. It is important to constantly focus on your targets. Do you like to create attention? Then so-called „non-places“ are perfect locations. Just think of a fashion show of a high-end label in the desert. Is your aim rather to create more turn overs, you need to stay close to the customer. In any case, the #PerfectStore always generates attraction, no matter how high or low the price is. By now, price is no means to mobilize any more. Thanks to online availability, every product can be found somewhere a little bit cheaper.

#PerfectStore Gruschwitz at EuroShop 2017

That is why it is decisive to be universally, online and offline, sexy and interesting. Your central theme is your story. Your story may have some lacks, however, you must convey a comprehensive overall impression. Too much harmony and uniformity quickly seems old-fashioned and boring. An evolving story with a distinct solution is far better. The cleverer, simpler and especially the more authentic your story is, the more successful your concept will be.

Looking for the #PerfectStore does not lead to a one-model-fits-all formula, but to new and sustainable approaches, combining best practices in a new way. Visiting the local shop definitely is benificiary to the customer, as it delivers new ideas and inspirations. In the web, on the other hand, it is all about comfort: 24/7 availability and an excellent delivery service make an online store truly successful. On the one side, in the real world it is all about event shopping, on the other side, in the virtual world, it is all about convenience. In combination you have the perfect symbiosis and create a total new experience for the client. Retail shops as we know so far, will more and more disappear. The future, according to Wolfgang Gruschwitz, general manager of Gruschwitz GmbH, belongs to RetVenturing, bringing together retail and adventuring.

#PerfectStore at Euroshop by Gruschwitz

But no matter which world you are currently visiting: The #PerfectStore is always perfectly tailored to the respective customer needs. It is all about enjoying your personal lifestyle. Little lacks will be forgiven: Better then perfect is attractive and sexy!

Case study: The #PerfectStore of Gruschwitz GmbH

At this year’s EuroShop Gruschwitz GmbH left the Designer Village and presented on its own stand in hall 12 (A20).

A big JENGA tower visualizes the search for the #PerfectStore playfully (gamification) and creates a true haptic experience. Originally, a tower is asthetically appealing being dominant in a homogenious way and conveying safeness like a rock. In the game, you can pull some elements out, analyse and digitalize them, and finally put them together in a new way. This process is called disruption. Setup, segmentation and rebuilding – within the change lies permanence. In the end, if you are open-minded, you will be rewarded with unexpected, random new discoveries. In this context, you are talking about serendipity. Little spyholes pique our curiosity and awake the voyeur sleeping in ourselves. Hidden illustrations of the #PerfectStore reveal, amongst others, a vending machine. Will that disappoint the visitor? No. And if so, he or she will generously ignore it. Essential is not what, how or where you buy.

The only question with a true impact is why. This is where your story telling starts and the more authentic your presentation is, the greater the appetite for your product will be. A clever multisensual enhancement will support your story, that’s why Gruschwitz offered on its stand handpicked Costa Rican coffee as well as freshly squeezed orange juice. Fat Boys with fluffy fur offered home-like lounges (cocooning) where visitors could forget for a moment about the hustle and bustle at the trade fair. Finally, humour was a major part of the stand concept.

Your competency will only be truly accepted, if you are able to laugh about yourself. Gruschwitz‘ work was illustrated by funny postcards with such an emotional wording (like „undisciplined workers“) that additional images were not necessary. The Gruschwitz story can be followed online at #PerfectStore. No matter if real or virtual: There is always much emotion, perfectly matching the Emotional Retailing by Gruschwitz.


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