POS Ladenbau: Orsay Spirit of flair

Orsay, Munich: The Spirit of Flair

Store construction & design fashion: Orsay’s new shop concept.

Feel-at-home in the fast fashion area – a contradiction in itself? Looking at the store ORSAY recently opened in November in the Munich Riem Arcaden, you have to clearly NEGATE that question. ORSAY has grown up now and addresses young, fashionable women as a supplier for complete outfits. Wolfgang Gruschwitz, CEO of Gruschwitz GmbH and responsible for the design, reveals the details of the new store concept.

Light-concepts for better presentation

„On the one hand, we are creating a brand identity and stage the topic “the spirit of flair”, on the other hand, we establish a comfortable atmosphere that suggests security and support and gives the customer the feeling to be at home. An important design element in the entrance area hereby is the so called “recipe table”. This central feature point does not just serve as a mean to present new products but also assists the customer in choosing the “right” outfit and therefore, functioning as an orientation assistant, cleverly shifts the focus on the customer relationship. Through attractive story telling the shopping experience is being simplified for the customer. Visual worlds, graphic wallpapers, a curved female design approach and the accentuating colors “Silent Berry” and “Copper Rose” support the domestic feeling in the store while the anthracite-colored tile floor suggests stability and security. Materials used are porcelain stoneware, leather grips and copper. A highlight are the fitting rooms, equipped with decoration elements such as carpets, ceiling paper, exclusive curtains, elaborate seats and a multitude of pictures. Additionally, mirrors in various light colors (manually adjustable: “warm/cold” and “daylight”) create a completely unique dressing experience. 35W halogen lamps make for warm white light color, the base lighting is done using rail spotlights, while other spots put the products in the right light.

It is extraordinary that the store concept is put to the acid test before it is being rolled out by using frequency counting, target group studies or special sale initiative analyses. The first results are looking positively – Test stores exist not only in München-Riem but also in Landshut, Essen, Cologne and Bremen and will be opened in Pforzheim, Poland, Romania and Czech Republic.

“Orsay” overview

  • Project/shop: ORSAY München Riem Arcaden
  • Design and implementation: Gruschwitz GmbH
  • Store construction: Innenausbau Prott
  • Store construction systems: Shop Systems GmbH
  • Flooring/producer: Refin: Tracce, Design Industry
  • Lighting/producer: Accentuating lighting: Realization
  • Molto Luce designed by Gruschwitz GmbH, Oktalite
  • Big pictures: Valérien Werbeagentur GmbH, München
  • Support of pre-post studies in the test stores: Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG

Text: Redaktion Magazin
Titel: POS Ladenbau
Release: Juni 2015


About Gruschwitz

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