Modern outfit for a regional offer​

Two floors

A former discount supermarket in Miesbach, Germany, became an extraordinary upgrade. Since August 2015 it is the new home of the Tegernsee Arkaden GmbH and the Karl Jäger Trachtenhaus since 1876. In only four month the Gruschwitz GmbH based in Munich created a very special place to be on two floors.

The objective was to create a new home, the Tegernsee Arkaden, for several regional premium brands, like chocolatefountain Eybel, distilleries Lantenhammer and Slyrs, the ducal brewery Tegernsee, the herbparadise Herbaria, the Speck-Alm, Naturkäserei Tegernseer Land, Sixtus Werke Schliersee, Büttenfabrik Gmund, backery Schinagl, the first Kaffeerösterei Tegernsee, Wein Hitzelberger, Stadlers BBQ, openair-museum Markus Wasmeier and a lot more.

Sustainibility and uniqueness

All products are very different, nevertheless they have one message in common: sustainibility and uniqueness; the purity of our goods – these values should be visible in the architecture.

Fot this reason the Gruschwitz GmbH decided to concentrate on authentic materials like stone, massive oak or larch to underline the regional concept. Open ceilings and LED-lightening give extra light and brightness and the interior gives always new highlights to the visual focus.

Furthermore the Gruschwitz GmbH designed the point of sale for Trachtenhaus Karl Jäger – the new shop of the Trachtenhaus with their own in-house tailoring sells on 305 sqm ground and 1st floor traditional bavarian dresses. To give the impression of a vault, ceilings and columns were newly designed. Cleverly placed resting zones and „Stammtisch“ oases which give a place for traditional music entertainment and a deliciuos bavarian Brotzeit, complete the relaxing shopping experience.

The Tegernsee Arkaden and the Trachtenhaus Karl Jäger can both be reached by public transport and the full product range is comfortably accessible.

To get new outside areas, the parking place has been changed and a new porch underlines the impression of arcades.

PDF: Living Interiors Wolfgang Gruschwitz


About Gruschwitz

Gruschwitz ist ein führendes internationales Design- und Marketingbüro mit 360° Leistungsspektrum. Ob für Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Services, Shoes oder Sports – unser Team inszeniert marken- und zielgruppengerechte Erlebniswelten mit individuellem Charakter und unverwechselbarem Profil. Zu unseren Kunden gehören unter anderem Weber Grill, SuperDry, Jaguar/Land Rover und Red Bull, sowie sämtliche Marken der Inditex-Gruppe (wie z.B. Zara und Massimo Dutti).