Design lives on function. And enlives by emotions.

Function follows emotions. A clear vision. A clever principle. Gruschwitz GmbH is an international office for design and realisation that covers all architectural services like preliminary design, implementation planning, controlling, project supervision, quality assurance and documentation.
All service phases according to HOAI are of course covered, including above all

  • basic determination
  • design
  • execution planning
  • Controlling
  • Project management
  • Object monitoring
  • Quality assurance

The portfolio of the Gruschwitz GmbH comprises retail projects of all branches, in all sizes, with all assignments. Whether Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Services, Shoes or Sports – the design team stages a brand- and target group adequate world with individual character and distinctive profile. Always focussing on an optimisation of the sales areas.

The aim of my efforts is to inspire our customers with my work. If I am able to do that, I am thrilled in return.
– Joachim Nieters

As an architect, you have a responsibility towards the customer. This applies unselfishly in an emotional, economic and subtle way.
– Kathi Kassner


Function Follow Emotion