Function follows emotions. A clear vision. A clever principle.

How is it possible to win and excite increasingly pampered and demanding consumers? It is important to you are unique in your clientele’s minds. In essence, this means turning your store into a brand and your customers into fans. The key lies in playing with feelings, and in telling an authentic and interesting story. It is about touching the customer emotionally: awaking his curiosity and generating identification. In this way, the product gains a subjective value – desirability is created.

Since 2003, we have been focusing on everything that makes a retail space successful. In addition to the basic architectural design of the premises and the lighting concept, this includes concepts such as how to increase customer footfall, extend the time spent in the store and obtain walk-in customers. The basis for our work is a broad spectrum of experiences from various sectors, knowledge from neuromarketing and studies on media reception. Customers who use our services range from retailers with a retail space of 15 to 20 square metres up to shopping centres with several thousand square metres.

If the business does not tell a story, it is not attractive either. What counts is focusing precisely on the customer, thinking about exactly what is exciting and attractive for them and deriving perfectly tailored stories and campaigns from this.

It is important to you are unique in your clientele’s minds.

The most important thing about a concept is to fuse one’s own expertise, with the ideas and wishes of the customer, into a functioning object.
– Uli Stecher

Concepts with a clear vision, which emotionally inspire visitors and most completely enchant. Magical touchpoints will be needed in the future.
– Wolfgang Gruschwitz