“From Point of Sale to the Point of Experience”

Ambiente Special Exhibition in foyer of hall 4.1; Messe Frankfurt/Germany:

„From Point of Sale to Point of Experience“


Our current retail lanscape is characterized by uniformity, replaceability, time-stealing waiting times and a rather unattractive visual merchandising. In our digital age, in order to set yourself apart from your competitors and to be unique, retailers do not only have to fulfill expectations, but have to surprise, enthuse and always create a real additional value. From February 9th to 13th the Ambiente Special Exhibition „From Point of Sale to Point of Experience“ in Frankfurt (Germany) showed impressively how this can be achieved.


This foresight of future shopping is made by two companies from Munich (Germany):

The design and realisation office Gruschwitz and Waketo, a consulting firm for digital retail. As both companies are experts for retails stores, their common concept won‘t get lost in technical details, but illustrates practical solutions, cleverly combining digital and analogue ideas. It is all about intuition, emotion, authenticity as well as communicating a clear message, the so-called „story telling“.


„From Point of Sale to Point of Experience“: Analog, in the real store, you shall win the customer’s heart. Shops will become more and more a location where stories are told and events take place. The objective is to make stores more attractive and to abandon the dominant pressure to sell products.


At Ambiente’s Special Exhibition, the first eye-catcher pulling visitors deeper inside was a huge screen showing the local weather forecast to which it is immediately reacted with corresponding products and decorations. The entrance was offering an event area resembling a check-in: Nicely arranged short films were giving a product overview and helped to set up a first personal connection. The inside presentation stressed the multisensual experience (like smelling, feeling, touching and testing): whether by showing a culinary vintage corner shop, or by rather innovative solutions like a „wishing table“ or an interactive virtual shelf, making it possible to rediscover various goods using augmented reality. The check-out dealt with payment methods comparing different devices from cash registers to cashless payments.


Taken by themselves, nothing that was shown on the Ambiente Special Exhibition is revolutionary. However, visitors could expect many inspirations of how digital media can create a unique shopping experience in a store. The central message: Retailers have all opportunities for empathy and intuition always have been a great advantage of face-to-face contact. Digitalization, on the other hand, must not steal our time, but has to increase our freedom and convenience.


About Gruschwitz

Gruschwitz ist ein führendes internationales Design- und Marketingbüro mit 360° Leistungsspektrum. Ob für Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Services, Shoes oder Sports – unser Team inszeniert marken- und zielgruppengerechte Erlebniswelten mit individuellem Charakter und unverwechselbarem Profil. Zu unseren Kunden gehören unter anderem Weber Grill, SuperDry, Jaguar/Land Rover und Red Bull, sowie sämtliche Marken der Inditex-Gruppe (wie z.B. Zara und Massimo Dutti).